Are curved monitors good for office work

Is a curved monitor good for home office work?

Is a curved monitor good for home office work?

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Is a curved monitor good for office work?Curved monitors have grown in popularity over the years. Some saw them as a marketing gimmick by screen manufacturers to get more sales while others fell in love with them instantly.

We see them frequently reviewed and used by technology influencers as well as gamers. One common question that is often overlooked is whether curved monitors are good for home office work. We did some research and came to a conclusion.

The answer is yes; a curved monitor is good for home office work.

For the long answer, read along as we go through more details and outline the pros and cons of curved monitors.

Are curved monitors good for office work

When it comes to everyday use and office work, curved monitors offer various benefits over traditional flat displays. Below are some of these benefits.

Curved monitors pros

A more immersive viewing experience

A curved display extends your peripheral vision which gives more depth to images. This makes your viewing experience more immersive and engaging. For office work, programs such as excel appear clearer and more vivid. You also get the perception of having more screen real estate which all contribute to a more pleasant working experience.

Gentle on the eyes

It’s widely believed that curved monitors reduce eye strain due to the better viewing angle.

Most manufacturers also use flicker free and anti-glare technology in their curved displays. This is obviously beneficial for people who spend many hours working in front of a monitor and for the younger generation who are always online.

Better aesthetic design

If you’re a design enthusiast or just want some cool gear to spruce up a dull space, then a curved monitor is worth considering. It’s more visually appealing and works great as an interior design solution.

Improved visibility

Thanks to the unique design, curved monitors reduce surrounding reflections that come from bright objects or sunlight. This is great for office work especially if your work station is near a window or if you have bright lights.

Curved monitors cons

Are curved monitors good for office work

As much as curved monitors have numerous selling points, they also have limitations. Here are a few key ones:

Higher price

Curved monitors are priced higher than normal flat panels so if you want the sleek design and immersive viewing experience of a curved display, you’ll have to spend accordingly. Your wallet will definitely feel a pinch but you do get what you pay for.

You either love them or you don’t (but you can get used to them)

Some features of curved monitors such as the design are subject to personal preference and may not appeal to everyone. While you can’t go wrong with a curved monitor, it’s common to get questions asking what all the fuss is about especially due to the high price tag.

If you’re reading this article, you do have a bit of an interest in curved monitors so don’t be afraid to try one out.

Limits your viewing angles

To get the widest field of view from a curved monitor, you’ll need to sit directly at the center position in front of the screen. Any other angle limits the field of view and degrades the viewing experience. This is also a limitation that makes curved monitors not the best option for multiple monitor setups.

You could do a horizontal triple monitor setup but be sure to get a monitor stand for more viewing angle adjustment options.

Bigger is better but the cost is more

Bigger curved monitors offer more depth perception and a better viewing experience. This means having to spend more money for your display. Your personal preference is the ultimate deciding factor. The silver lining is that you do get good performance regardless of the screen size you pick.


It’s clear that curved monitor have advantages that make them great for home office work. Some of the key ones are increased screen real estate, a more immersive viewing experience and reduced reflection. If you’re thinking of getting one, go right ahead and give it a try.

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