What is a zero gravity chair?

Zero Gravity Chairs – What you Need to Know

Zero Gravity Chairs - What You Need To Know

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Zero Gravity Chairs - What You Need To Know

If you’ve ever wanted to know about zero gravity chairs and whether they are worth adding to your home setup, then this article is for you.

When not working or cooking, most of us spend our time at home either seated on the couch or lying down in bed for extended periods of time.

If you often find yourself getting restless or experiencing discomfort during this time, then a zero gravity chair might just be the answer to your problems.

To help you decide, we’ll first define what a zero gravity chair is and give you a rundown of how they work. We’ll also list down the different types of models currently available in the market.

Lastly, we’ll go over popular questions many first-time buyers have when considering zero gravity chairs.

What is a zero gravity chair?

A zero gravity chair is an adjustable chair that is able to support your body in the zero gravity position. This position evenly distributes the forces of gravity throughout the body, which in turn reduces muscle strain especially on overworked muscles and joints.

For many of us, the muscles that we tend to overwork the most are those on the neck and back. This is typically a byproduct of excessive sitting and poor body posture when using our smartphones and computers.

The zero gravity position was initially developed by NASA to help keep astronauts comfortable and safe while in spacecrafts. Pictures of astronauts in space showed their bodies assumed an almost identical neutral position when in a microgravity environment. After more research, specific measurements for this position where developed. The research findings were then implemented into designing more comfortable and ergonomic seats for airplanes and cars.

Soon after, mattress and furniture manufacturers began applying NASA’s research to their own products, resulting in new models of adjustable beds and zero gravity chairs. 

How do zero gravity chairs work?

Zero gravity chairs are designed to support your body in the zero gravity position. To get into the zero gravity position, you’ll need to elevate your upper body and thighs to be at an equal angle from your hips, bend your knees and ensure your legs are above chest level.

To hold this position, zero gravity chairs are built with adjustable back and foot rests that can be locked at different angles. Some zero gravity chairs feature a massage function to further enhance your comfort. 

The video below shows a zero gravity chair in action.

Types of zero gravity chairs

Zero gravity chairs are primarily classified as either being for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor zero gravity chairs are designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to setup on a patio, backyard or beach. You can also use them indoors. Many of the chairs come with cup holders and pillows for added comfort. If you’re in the market for outdoor zero gravity chairs, we recommend the below set from Best Choice Products. 

Indoor zero gravity chairs are designed to provide more comfort and support in your living room or TV room. They are usually much bigger when compared to the outdoor options as they aren’t designed to be moved around often. Since manufacturers don’t need to worry too much about keeping their indoor zero gravity chairs light, you’ll find models with added functionality such as a massage function, Bluetooth connectivity, full body air pressure and inbuilt speakers. 

The below zero gravity chair from Smagreho is one such example. It comes highly recommended thanks to its durability as well as its massage function, Bluetooth speakers, feet rollers and reasonable price.

Benefits of zero gravity chairs

Zero gravity chairs are more comfortable and ergonomic than normal chairs. The zero gravity position ensures no one area of your body is exposed to excessive pressure when sitting down.

This makes zero gravity chairs very practical for those who suffer from any kind of back or joint pain. Older people will also find these chairs very relaxing and soothing.

Outdoor zero gravity chairs are perfect for campers and outdoor enthusiasts thanks to their portability and ease of use. You can easily setup the chair on the beach, balcony or patio and just relax.

For those hot days where you might need some shade, we recommend the Best Choice Products Folding Zero Gravity Outdoor Recliner which comes with an adjustable canopy. This model has over 2,000 online reviews, many of which are from satisfied buyers. Check out the buyer reviews here.


Zero gravity chairs are designed to enhance your sitting experience by making you as comfortable as scientifically possible. They are great for people suffering from back and joint pains, senior citizens, campers, movie lovers and generally anyone looking to level up their comfort and relaxation game.

If you’re still on the fence on whether you should get one, checkout some frequently asked questions by first-time buyers below.


Are zero gravity chairs worth it?

In our opinion yes, zero gravity chairs are worth the investment. The zero gravity position has been well researched and shown to relieve pressure on overworked muscles and joints.

If you’re still skeptical, the below Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair is another zero gravity chair with over 2,000 reviews. The bottom line is many buyers love their zero gravity chairs so chances are you’ll love yours too.

Do zero gravity chairs lay flat?

Most zero gravity chairs don’t lay flat. Their main purpose is to support you in the zero gravity position.

From our research, the models that do lay flat tend to compromise too much on sturdiness in order to include this feature and end up not lasting very long. If you need the option of being able to switch from zero gravity to completely flat, we recommend an adjustable bed.

Can I sleep in my zero-gravity chair?

Yes, you can sleep in a zero gravity chair but your level of comfort will largely depend on your favorite sleeping position.

Side sleepers may not have the best experience sleeping on their side while in the zero gravity position. This is because the pressure points of the body shift from being neutral when you turn to your side while seated in the zero gravity position. Once the even distribution of gravity throughout the body is broken, you may experience discomfort and muscle pain.

Try taking a short nap on your zero gravity chair for starters and if you don’t experience discomfort then you should be good to go. Ultimately though, you’ll be much better off investing in an adjustable bed for better quality sleep.

Why are zero gravity chairs so expensive?

Zero gravity chairs are priced according to the features and functionalities included by the manufacturer.

You can find low cost zero gravity chairs such as the Best Choice Products Oversized Zero Gravity Chair which is priced at under 100 US Dollars.

If you need your chair to have a massage function or to be remote-controlled and have heating capabilities along with inbuilt speakers, then you’ll need to spend accordingly. One highly rated model is the Real Relax Massage Chair. It’s designed to give you a full body Shiatsu massage and comes with Bluetooth speakers as well as a heat foot roller. All these features will set you back just under 1,000 US Dollars.

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